Charlotte's Web

Students grades 6-12 are invited to audition for S.K.I.T Theatre’s presentation of Charlotte’s Web. Auditions will be held at Salem First Free Methodist Church on February 4 and 5, 2018. You only need to sign up for one group audition time.

Group Audition Times

  • Sun, Feb 4, 6:30-8 pm
  • Sun, Feb 4, 8-9:30 pm
  • Mon, Feb 5, 6-7:30 pm
  • Mon, Feb 5, 7:30-9 pm


Auditioners will be seen in groups of 20. Each group will participate in improvisation games and cold readings from the script. All auditioners must stay for the entire audition.

Casting choices will be narrowed down after initial auditions. Some actors will be called back to do further read-throughs from the show.

Callbacks | Tuesday Feb 6, 6-9 pm

Optional Monologue Times

A memorized monologue can be presented for the audition panel separate from a group audition. Monologues must be no longer than 2 minutes. A group audition is required whether or not you choose to present a monologue.

Sun Feb 4, 6 pm or

Mon Feb 5, 5 pm


Charlotte’s Web rehearsals are Thursdays, 6:30-9 pm and Saturdays, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm.

Performances are May 10-19, 2-18 at Salem First Free Methodist Church.

View the entire production schedule here.

Parents and cast members are required to come to the first meeting/read-through.

Cast members are required to be at all rehearsals for which they are scheduled. Pre-arranged absences are allowed but no absences are allowed during the last two weeks of rehearsal or the two weeks of show.

Parents are required to attend all parent meetings and to serve on at least one production committee.


Based on the beloved children’s novel by E.B. White, this is the story of a little pig named Wilbur who was born a runt. Mr. Arable decides to kill him for dinner food, but his daughter Fern begs to let him live. On greater maturity, Wilbur is sold to Fern’s uncle, Homer L. Zuckerman, in whose barnyard he’s left yearning for friendship, but is snubbed by the other barn animals. Wilbur is scared of the end of the season, because he knows that come that time, he will end up on the dinner table. He hatches a plan with Charlotte, a gentle and wise grey spider that lives in his pen, to ensure that will never happen.


Fern Arable – a nice young girls who lives on a farm

John Arable – Fern’s father

Martha Arable – Fern’s mother

Avery Arable – Fern’s pesky younger brother

Homer Zuckerman – Fern’s uncle

Edith Zuckerman – Fern’s aunt

Lurvy – Zuckerman farmhand

Wilbur – a really nice pig

Templeton – a sarcastic and entitled rat

Charlotte – a spider, reserved, smart, likes Wilbur

Goose – a goose

Gander – Goose’s husband





First Spectator

Second Spectator

“Uncle” – the prizewinning pig



Fairgoer 1

Fairgoer 2

Fairgoer 3

Charlotte’s babies: Joy, Aranea, Nellie

Narrators: First Member, Second Member, Third Member

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-register for an audition time on the Auditions page. An audition confirmation and packet will be emailed to you. Come to your scheduled audition time with a completed Cast & Crew Personal Profile form. Auditioners are assigned a number and have a photo taken. Depending on the type of show, your audition might look something like this.


Auditions take place in groups of 10. Each group will have 30 minutes to learn and perform a dance combination. Then they will go on to a 30-minute session to perform cold readings from the script. Then the groups will join to audition vocally. Individuals will have an opportunity to sing a solo of their choice, acapella or with an accompaniment CD. However, the CD cannot include vocals.

All auditioners MUST take part in all three segments.


Auditions take place in groups of 20. Each group will warm up with improv games and then move on to cold readings from the script. You may read for as many parts as there is time available.

Auditions are Closed. What does that mean? The term closed auditions means that only the audition panel can watch. As an auditioner, you are dropped off and picked up at your assigned times. Non-auditioners are not allowed to watch.
Casting choices will be narrowed down after initial auditions. Some actors will be called back to do further read-throughs, as the the audition panel feels is necessary. This process is called 'call-backs'.

What happens at call-backs and what part do they play in the casting process?
Call-backs are a way of taking another look at a student with a specific part(s) in mind. Students will read from the show script and sing show music, if auditioning for a musical. You do not have to prepare anything for call-backs, although reading the script and listening to the Broadway soundtrack from the musical (if auditioning for a musical) can make you more prepared. Dress comfortably, relax and enjoy this step of the audition process!
Just because you are not called back does not mean that you are not being cast in the show. Also, just because you are called back does not mean you are automatically cast in the show.

How will I find out if I've been called back?
Those with a call-back will receive a phone call as soon as initial auditions have been completed.

What do I bring if I get called back?
Wear comfortable clothes and comfortable, non-slip shoes (no flip-flops or clogs, please). Bring a water bottle. Turn your cellphone off.

Cast lists are posted the day after call-backs on the website.
Parents and cast members are required to come to the first meeting/read-through. The entire rehearsal and show process runs more smoothly if we communicate well from the start. Rehearsals | Cast members are required to be at all rehearsals for which they are scheduled. If an absence is necessary, in case of illness or emergency, it will only be excused if the Assistant Director is called for permission. Those missing more than two rehearsals may not be able to participate. Conflicts listed on auditions forms will be considered as excused absences, if the actor is cast.
  • Cast members may leave early or come late to rehearsals ONLY if pre-approved by the director.
  • Cast members will be committed to up to approximately 48 hours of rehearsal time before Move-In and dress rehearsal week.
  • Crew members will be required to attend final rehearsals, Move-In, all dress rehearsals, and performances. Some positions may require more time commitments.

Parents are required to attend all parent meetings and to serve on at least one production committee.

Fee Information There are some fees necessary to participate in a S.K.I.T. show. Some are mandatory and some are optional. S.K.I.T. Theatre is a non-profit organization. We strive to make our theatre class and productions fees as reasonable as possible so as many families as possible can participate. We only charge the fees necessary to provide quality classes, theatre training, and productions. We do not charge fees to make a profit. Before you and your student decide to audition and participate in a S.K.I.T. production, please review our fee schedule below.   Required Fees Production Fee  |  Each student must pay a production fee. This fee partially covers the cost of our sets, props, costumes, lighting and sound as well as a show t-shirt. When cast in a S.K.I.T. production, your student also receives many additional hours of group and individual instruction time. The experience and training are tremendously valuable.
  • S.K.I.T. class participant  |  $30
  • Non-class participant  |  $40
  • Family discounts available.
  Optional Fees Program Telegrams  |  For $10, family and friends of cast members can write a telegram for the show program, wishing their star good luck. Telegram forms will be emailed to parents. Pre-ordered Gifts  |  S.K.I.T. merchandise is available for purchase prior to Opening Night. Parents can order items and have them sent backstage as gifts to their actor.